Only Pay When a Candidate is Hired…

A contingency search with Lexington Staffing will allow a client company to only pay fee if we find and place the candidates presented for the position in question.  A strict contingency search means that there is no exclusivity to the arrangement and therefore the client company is free to use other search firms or source other candidates on their own.  This arrangement is the most common, however, it explains why our retained searches are given top priority. By entering into a contingency search agreement, we put ourselves in an increased risk of no return on invested energy and resources.  Over time as our relationships grow with our clients, another way to move up as a top priority in our searches as a contingency search client is to be a responsive client, showing us that you respect our time and effort.  This means giving us feedback on candidates and responding to our calls/emails in a timely manner, giving us the job openings to work on that you are serious about filling and truly need candidates for, etc.  Ultimately, we must prioritize our time and our searches based on which positions we have the best chance of filling in a contingency search.

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